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ITC Packaging develops Bio2Bio, a new line of bio-based and compostable packaging

ITC Packaging, a packaging manufacturer, incorporates the Bio2Bio solutions into its portfolio, which have bio-based and compostable properties and they are intended for both the cosmetics and the food markets.

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ITC takes part in the ReusePHB project

Created with the main purpose of developing two types of reusable containers that are also safe in terms of food contact. One of these two containers is polypropylene (PP) based, while the other is polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) based.

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Frutas Montosa and ITC Packaging reach an agreement to use avocado waste in the manufacture of new packaging

Frutas Montosa and ITC Packaging have reached a commitment to support the development of new functional packaging being developed in the Guacapack project. These containers represent a step towards circularity and the reuse of resources by reusing the waste generated by the transformation of avocado into containers for guacamole packaging. Through this agreement, Frutas Montosa […]

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ITC Packaging takes part in the Guacapack project

Avocados have become the largest expanding fruit in the last decade. Thanks to their nutritional qualities and flavour, they represent the standard of a healthy plantbased diet. With its superfood features and original appearance, their popularity has seen a phenomenal boost, making them a must have ingredient for the most renowned chefs, and becoming part of influencer contents worldwide. Such trend has also been […]

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