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ITC Packaging develops Bio2Bio, a new line of bio-based and compostable packaging

Biobased, Compostable, Innovation, Sustainability 15 de March de 2023

ITC Packaging, a packaging manufacturer, incorporates the Bio2Bio solutions into its portfolio, which have bio-based and compostable properties and they are intended for both the cosmetics and the food markets.

ITC Packaging has recently added the Bio2Bio line to its portfolio of circular solutions, so that it can make bottles, tubs and other injection blow-moulded containers from biopolymers that are also compostable.

Unlike the traditional polymers, the bio-based plastics are non-fossil fuel materials produced from waste that comes from renewable sources such as for example, maize, beetroot or sugar cane crops. The main contribution of these biopolymers is that they help reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging.

The Bio2Bio line complies with the EN-13432 standard, which certifies that the containers and packaging are suitable to be broken down into compost in a 3 month period when they undergo an industrial composting process. This OK compost label certifies that these bottles and pots can be incorporated into an organic recycling process that will ensure their revaluation in line with the European legislation on sustainability and food contact materials.

From the technical point of view, this new material enhances the properties of the generic bioplastics, improving the transparency and the water vapour and oxygen barrier. These properties are rounded off with upgraded tenacity and impact resistance offering optimum industrialisation that matches the cycles and providing properties that are similar to those of the PET, the most popular material in injection blow-moulding.

This new circular solution has been developed by the ITC Crea, the Innovation and Sustainability Centre of ITC. According to its director, Rosa Valero, ‘the incorporation of this type of solution is possible thanks to the collaboration with the customers, innovation centres and suppliers. In the next few months the first containers of the Bio2Bio line will be released and it is thought that with Bio2Bio we will provide our customers with a practical and sustainable concept intended for the food and cosmetics markets”.

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