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ITC Packaging takes part in the Guacapack project

Barrier Packaging, Biobased, Compostable, Innovation 11 de December de 2020

Avocados have become the largest expanding fruit in the last decade. Thanks to their nutritional qualities and flavour, they represent the standard of a healthy plantbased diet. With its superfood features and original appearance, their popularity has seen a phenomenal boost, making them a must have ingredient for the most renowned chefs, and becoming part of influencer contents worldwide.

Such trend has also been reflected in an exponential increase in their consumption, with over 650 million tonnes of avocados been currently consumed in Euope alone each year, forecast to increase by an annual 15% in the next 5 years. As their consumption expands throughout the world, it is now possible to buy avocados from the market 365 days a year, with Spain becoming the main producer for the European market. Within Spain, it is mainly produced in the Andalusian and Valencian regions, where it is quickly becoming a feasible

alternative to more traditional crops such as citrus fruits.

In the last avocado campaign alone, Spain has produced 61,000 tonnes, representing a 17% increase. According to the forecasts for 2023, Spanish production is expected to multiply tonnes x5. With these growth prospects and considering the fact that avocado processing generates up to 45% waste, ITC Packaging, AIMPLAS and the University of Alicante have launched a

new project called Guacapack.

Its main purpose is to develop an active, compostable packaging manufactured from materials generated from avocado processing waste, including its skin, seed and pulp. These advanced materials shall also provide high oxygen barrier features and antioxidant capacities. Funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI as per its Spanish acronym) as part of their 2020 Strategic Cooperation Projects programme, the project is expected to last 2 years, ending in 2021. 

By taking part in this type of projects, and via their Innovation and Sustainability Centre, at ITC Packaging we remain committed towards developing new circular solutions that reduce our environmental impact and promote the recovery of our packaging

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