Category: Standard Packaging

Bonnysa and ITC Packaging launch new packaging made with bio-based polypropylene

The new lid for the Bonnysa grated tomato will be made with bio-based polypropylene, a material that comes from non-fossil fuel sources that helps reduce the carbon emissions, and guarantees the sustainability of the raw materials.

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Flexipack 245. New packaging for ricotta.

A plastic injection packaging with IML and Sleeve decorations for ricotta cheese.

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Cana Nature and ITC Packaging launch an innovative barrier packaging for guacamole and Salmorejo chilled soup.

Both companies have developed a barrier packaging aimed for Grupo La Cana’s new IV and V product range Food and agriculture businesses remain even more committed towards innovation and the development of new products that offer new ways of consuming produce in an easier, healthier manner. In line with this trend, and in a move […]

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The healthiest see-through container

As a result of living in an era of hectic lifestyles, intensive working days and increasingly less stable timetables, all these factors have contributed to a diet with shorter and undefined meal times that clash with our intention to enjoy a healthier, more balanced nutrition.  Therefore, consumers are now seeking healthy ready meals to consume […]

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