Flexipack 245. New packaging for ricotta.

Standard Packaging 31 de March de 2022

A plastic injection packaging with IML and Sleeve decorations for ricotta cheese.

Ricotta is a type of whey cheese originating in Italy. Its earliest references are found in the island of Sicily dating as far back as the Roman Empire. From that moment, its soft and fresh nature have seen it become one of the main ingredients in several traditional Italian cuisine dishes thanks to its flavour, multiple uses and nutritional value.

This type of cheese does not require the usual processing that applies to other varieties such as pressing, salting and maturation, and is appreciated for its lightness and grainy texture, very similar to cottage cheese. More precisely, Central Quesera Montesinos has taken advantage of all the knowledge acquired in the preparation of natural cottage cheese with the aim of becoming the Spanish pioneers in ricotta production. And thanks to their commitment, it is becoming more and more common to find this type of whey cheese among the ingredients in our pasta and baking recipes.

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· Reference: Flexipack 245

· Capacity: 245 ml.

· Closure: Thermo-sealable

· Material: PP (polypropylene)

· Decoration: IML (lid) Sleeve (container)

Our ricotta containers are a very peculiar concept since they replicate the traditional basket mould used to give the product its shape while making it easier to unmold the cheese and providing it with its weaved wicker basket format, ready to be consumed. In addition, this type of whey, non matured cheese demands a container that can perfectly maintain the organoleptic features of such a delicate product. For that reason, the packaging’s opening has been designed to perfectly adapt to the thermo sealing process, which is required for its correct preservation

In terms of decoration, the container combines the two main options offered by ITC: IML and sleeve. Its basket shaped finish is ideal to combine with the sleeve decoration, an option that is highly recommended in the case of complex shapes that require perfect adaptation between the container and its decoration. In regards to the lid, it includes an IML label. Both decorations provide offset printing quality and allow for 360 degree container decoration, making them highly attractive on the shelf.

As a result, the outcome of this exceptional joint collaboration is a packaging that perfectly adapts to the product it is intended to contain while increasing its attractiveness on the shelf.

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