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Bonnysa and ITC Packaging launch new packaging made with bio-based polypropylene

Biobased, Standard Packaging, Sustainability 31 de January de 2023

The new lid for the Bonnysa grated tomato will be made with bio-based polypropylene, a material that comes from non-fossil fuel sources that helps reduce the carbon emissions, and guarantees the sustainability of the raw materials.

Bonnysa and ITC have worked together on launching the new lid for grated tomato from the Alicante firm, which is part of its strategy to use recycled packaging or packaging made from non-fossil fuel sources, a new concept that promotes sustainability by incorporating biocircular PP in its manufacturing. This second generation biopolymer is different from the fossil raw material because of its plant origin seeing as it comes from organic waste that is processed until it turns into polymers.

By incorporating bioplastics both companies contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the packaging thanks to the fact that the emissions produced in the raw material production process are offset by capturing C02 that comes from the agricultural plantations and due to the speed of crop regeneration.

Bio-based polypropylene, is a material that comes from non-fossil fuel sources and helps reduce the carbon emissions.

To guarantee the origin of the raw material ITC is covered by the ISCC Plus certification system, protocol that has favoured the incorporation of new BioCircular materials into the ITC portfolio, which optimize the sustainability of the packaging. The ISCC Plus seal is a protocol that leads the transition towards a circular economy, through a certification system that guarantees the traceability of the raw materials by ensuring their sustainable origin and promoting the circular economy. This certification has enabled ITC to launch its first circular packaging projects made with material obtained from advanced recycling and which is therefore suitable to come into contact with food.

The fruit and vegetable company Bonnysa is committed to a transition to recycled packaging, or new designs that are more sustainable and that surpass the existing   recyclability in the packaging that is currently being used. The objective of the close collaboration with ITC is to establish a new paradigm in the 4th and 5th range products to be more environmentally friendly.

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