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Cana Nature and ITC Packaging launch an innovative barrier packaging for guacamole and Salmorejo chilled soup.

Barrier Packaging, Customised Packaging, Solutions, Standard Packaging 29 de April de 2020

Both companies have developed a barrier packaging aimed for Grupo La Cana’s new IV and V product range

Food and agriculture businesses remain even more committed towards innovation and the development of new products that offer new ways of consuming produce in an easier, healthier manner. In line with this trend, and in a move towards innovation, Grupo La Cana have launched segments IV and V as part of their subsidiary Cana Nature’s range. With the development of new products such as the guacamole and Salmorejo chilled soup, they aim to contribute towards a natural diet with foods prepared with produce from their own growers.

In order to meet the needs of their Cana Nature range, ITC Packaging have developed a new 225ml packaging with an attractive geometric shape featuring a rectangular base. In addition to its thermo sealable capacity, this packaging also includes barrier features that allow it to increase the food’s shelf life while maintaining all its organoleptic qualities intact. This thermo sealable format manufactured from PP with IML decoration can be recycled when deposited into the yellow container.

Cana Nature is currently using it to package their new guacamole range consisting of four different varieties: Traditional, Vitamin A enriched, Fibre enriched and Low calories. Furthermore, this packaging has also been used for two further tomato based products, such as the recently launched natural Salmorejo chilled soup and the chopped tomatoes. This new IV and V product range is produced at their new premises based in Escuzar, Granada, a plant with over 5,000sq. mt. facilities equipped with the latest technology representing an investment of over 5 million Euros.

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