rPP – Mechanical recycling.

rPP - Non food, Sustainability 3 de September de 2021

All polypropylene sourced from mechanic recycling has been processed by the current waste collection and management systems and, therefore, may only be used in the non food market.

These recycled PP container ranges are usually destined for non food market industries such as paint, chemicals, insecticide, pest control, household cleaning or industrial supply product sectors, to name a few, thereby promoting a circular economy and the reutilisation of resources.

Our new post-consumption polypropylene containers are manufactured from high quality recycled materials and can be mass produced using our existing manufacturing equipment, including moulds and machinery.

The only visible difference is the base colour of the resulting pellets sourced from mixed materials which cannot be used to produce transparent containers.

Other than that, these containers are already optimised thanks to their lightweight and easy stackability features. And they are suitable for IML labelling. These containers are just as practical, lightweight, resistant and versatile than those produced from virgin polypropylene, while we contribute with the implementation of a circular plastic economy.

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