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Alvárez Gómez: Packaging with uniqueness and style

Customised Packaging, PET Packaging 3 de September de 2019

For the last few years we have branched out into other sectors that we are passionate about, such as hairdressing, cosmetics, mass market and pharmacy fragrances, adapting to the most avant-garde geometries of the moment: mostly stylized, minimalist, cylindrical bottles. 

This year we have gone a step further innovating to break into the Selective Perfumery sector. This is a sector that refers to our sensations. Sensations provoke emotions in people and aromas contribute largely to it, from the smell of a cologne, perfume, fragrance, etc.

For this exciting challenge, the advanced Pet division, has carried out the development of a novel concept of packaging, manufactured from blown injection technology, to transform into glass-like PET material, innovating to be able to provide, in addition of the geometries mentioned, others as rich, refined and inspiring as containers similar to a mineral, a gem or a diamond, with a prism shape, with pronounced edges, geometries and square shapes, hexagonal shapes, etc. always based on a thorough study of our client’s project, on his target market which we will seek to address, to design a suitable injection preform for these geometries.

The capacities range from 50 to 500ml with a universal screw top thread of 24/410, manufactured in glass-like PET material as well as solid and liquid colours, that are able to impress through their shape, colorfulness and exceptional intense sheen. With these shapes we can make a container with large front and rear faces, thus achieving an attractive facing for labeling and / or screen printing, in order to communicate that promise of value that suggests to the person that has a perfume packed in this type of bottle in their hands, to decide to buy it and take it home with them, hoping that it meets their expectations that will convey the desired sensations through a pleasant smell.

This year, along with the Álvarez Gómez company, one of the most important firms in the perfumery sector in tradition and prestige in our country, we have launched three models of packaging with hexagonal shape geometry, in three capacities 90, 300 and 450 ml, all with  standard thread 24/410 screw tops, which allows the widest range of closure accessories to be applied, both plugs and spray or dosing valves, depending on the type of product to be packaged, either a cologne , a perfumed cream, bath salts, etc. Innovative products for the wide range of aromas that are packaged.

Similarly, a new line inspired by these containers with hexagonal geometry is being designed to develop a line of amenities, from a 45ml bottle capacity, destined for rural hotels and city hotels.

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