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ITC Packaging to manufacture new Body Natur bottles made from 100% rPET

PET Packaging, rPET, Sustainability 21 de July de 2020

Body Natur shall begin marketing their micellar water in two new formats manufactured completely from recycled PET.

Body Natur have trusted ITC Packaging with the development of their new rPET bottles for micellar water. This cosmetic product contains natural micelles that help to remove impurities and traces of makeup in a very easy, simple way.

Body Natur’s micellar water is a product with naturally sourced active ingredients that require a suitable container that is in line with their natural features and sustainability values. For this reason, the option to include bottles 100% manufactured from recycled material became a sustainable, differentiating element.

By adding recycled raw materials sourced from post consumption, Body Natur and ITC are collaborating with the implementation of a circular raw material reutilisation cycle, while achieving an environmentally responsible container that enhances the product while setting it apart from the rest.

Body Natur’s micellar water shall be marketed in two formats of 100 and 400 ml., with both bottles featuring an attractive straight edge shape, as well as a pleasant green tone that provides a differentiating touch.

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