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ITC Packaging embarks on a €9 million investment plan focused on improving their customer services.

Corporate News 23 de September de 2019

Following the recent refurbishment of the IBI injection moulding plant, ITC Packaging is now embarked on the second stage of our four year investment plan. A strategy aimed at strengthening and ensuring the best possible service for all customers thanks to our firm commitment towards investment.

This second stage will initially focus upon the plant at Sopelana that will be subject to a comprehensive refurbishment and reconditioning plan with the purpose of increasing its production capacity and adapting its processes to future market requirements. With this important action, we expect to be able to maximise our resources while optimising our facilities’ quality standards, currently rated as AA by the BRC (British Retail Consortium).

From an industrial point of view, we will proceed to acquire top of the range equipment for our injection and PET blow moulding production centres. ITC Packaging shall purchase new automation systems, robotic equipment, blow moulding mono-layer stations and cutting edge electric powered injection moulding machines that will also contribute to optimise energy consumption at all our plants.

And in terms of our operations, our management offices will be relocated to new headquarters based by our current logistics centre. Our Group’s new head offices will be located in a modern workspace spanning over 2,000 sq. mt. from where the firm’s usual business will be managed on a daily basis .

Recently, and following the guidelines established by our company’s strategic plan and our firm commitment towards sustainability, we have approved the creation of a new innovation centre that will be equipped with its own facilities. This innovation centre will strengthen ITC Packaging’s commitment towards innovation and sustainability by providing circular solutions to all our customers, thereby minimising the environmental impact of all packaging manufactured by ITC.

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