We manufacture PP injection moulded packaging with high quality IML decoration. By using the In-Mould Labelling system, we are able to obtain 360 degree offset quality decoration that makes all the difference on the supermarket shelf.

    making a difference on the supermarket shelf

    During the manufacturing process, IML labels are simultaneously applied to the packaging when the injection moulding takes place. Packaging and label are merged resulting in a 360 degree decorated container that looks like direct printing.

    Once joined, the label cannot be removed or torn, thereby offering total security and perfect management during the entire process of filling, transportation, POS and at the time of consumption.

    Unlike other decoration systems such as screen printing, sleeves or adhesive labels, IML decoration actually simplifies the process by removing the labelling stage while providing all the advantages of IML labels.

    Recyclable and single material containers!

    Our IML injection moulded packaging is manufactured from a single material. Not only the container and lid, but also the labels are made from PP, allowing them to be recycled jointly as they do not include any other materials or complex structures that could hamper recyclability. 

    In addition, thanks to its high-quality printing, IML labels may be used to display information and advice regarding how to recycle our packaging. We recommend using the "Yellow Bin" logo since all our injection moulded packaging is recyclable when deposited into the yellow containers. It is also advisable to include warnings reminding users that the container can be recycled and, where applicable, whether it contains any recycled or bio-based material.

      Are you looking for high quality decoration for your packaging?

      IML decoration is a technique whereby the label and packaging are merged during the injection moulding process, becoming a single, inseparable ensemble that is perceived by customers as direct printing. Its endless advantages have seen IML turn our packaging into a strong branding and marketing tool that has proven decisive when convincing customers to buy a product.

      IML packaging offer the possibility of 360 degree decoration that adapts to the packaging's own geometric shape while delivering significant cost savings.

      • Success on the supermarket shelf

        1. High quality Offset printing.
        2. Highly attractive on the supermarket shelf thanks to being perceived as direct printing on the container itself.
        3. Labels cannot be removed or torn.
        4. Since the packaging is already decorated, they provide significant savings by removing the entire labelling stage and the required equipment.
        5. It can also adapt to different shapes and die cuts (circular, square, customised shapes, to name a few).
      • Endless possibilities

        1. A wide choice of finishes and decorative effects: matt, gloss, orange peel, metallic pain, microperforated, double sided printing, and many more.
        2. Labels can adapt to different heat treatments: High pressure, pasteurisation, autoclave and retorting, to name a few.
        3. Possibility of adding oxygen barrier labels.

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