An ideas incubator within ITC Packaging

ITC Crea is ITC Packaging's Innovation and Sustainability centre that was created with the purpose of providing solutions to market and customer needs with the creation of new concepts and strategies.

Creating functional, fully innovative solutions that provide added value and connect with the consumers 

New markets, new horizons

ITC Crea was intended to materialise and strengthen our proposal for added value, with the purpose of expanding to new markets and opening up new horizons to provide products and solutions to current and future market needs.

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We bring your ideas to shape

Our work at ITC Crea is based upon collaborative and co-creative endeavours that are materialised into a work process aimed at helping our customers to imagine, touch and feel their own containers. This process of developing new products begins at Innothink, a space for creation where we carry out collaborative sessions in tandem with our customers with the aim of creating innovative solutions that provide added value and connect with their consumers.

We analyse the market and competitors to ensure that the new concept is both differentiating while providing added value.

In the last stage, our design department will begin to materialise the idea into sketches in order to give shape to each concept. Following, our 3D printing machines will be in charge of turning these designs into layouts that can be checked, tested, etc., and to carry out any modifications to ensure their correct industrialisation.

Be Green

Sustainability is clearly one of the biggest challenges for the packaging industry. For that reason, most organisations like our own are focusing our efforts in achieving the lowest possible environmental impact in our productive activities. That is why ITC Crea is expected to dedicate a large proportion of its activities to developing and including new, more environmentally friendly materials, as well as to come up with new, single material solutions that are in line with the current and future waste management systems.

Instalaciones ITC Crea


ITC Crea has developed the Bio2Bio line. Compostable bottles, pots and containers (UNE: EN 13432:2001) that are very strong, transparent and they have water vapour and oxygen barrier properties.

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At ITC Crea we have developed Spread&Go: a new line of containers with a spreader that has been especially designed for spreads. Thanks to its practical system cream cheese, pâtés, hummus, guacamole and other similar products can be consumed in any situation.

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ITC Packaging has developed a cutting-edge technology: TWI-PET, that allows us to be pioneers in the manufacture of thin-walled containers made through PET injection.

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