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We have a wide range of PET bottles that are ideal to package all kind of sanitary and hygienic products, such as alcohol based gel.

Alcohol based gel, prevention is key

Following the pandemic caused by the expansion of COVID-19, the population's hygiene habits have changed, resulting in the promotion and development of new products and the consolidation of others such as alcohol based gel. Hand hygiene has proven to be of great importance as a preventive measure, resulting in the exponential growth of demand for this hygienic solutions.

    Makes a difference

    At Advanced PET, ITC's PET packaging division, we are serving this growing demand for cosmetics bottles, an ideal option to store and dispense sanitiser gels.

    Our PET bottle range is available in many capacities from 60mlñ to 1,000ml that covers a wide scope of formats, from individual to family sizes and multipacks. With its varied shapes available, our cosmetic bottle ranges reinforce our proposal of value for all types of gels. Our sleek bottles becoming an element that conveys meaning, enhancing the product's attractiveness and simplifying its use.

    • Turn it into a success on the supermarket shelf

      1. Possibility of adding recycled material (rPET).
      2. Wide range of capacities and geometric shapes (between 60ml and 1,000ml).
      3. Colours may be customised (matt or transparent).
      4. Compatible with closing systems (24/410 and 28/410).
      5. May be customised with screen printing.

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