Oxygen barrier packagingInjection moulded packaging
with oxygen barrier features

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With the IML oxygen barrier labelling system, we can manufacture packaging with oxygen barrier features that extend the product's shelf life while contributing to reduce food waste.
  • Oxygen barrier

  • Food graded

  • Recyclable

  • Thermo sealable

Extend your product's shelf life

Using IML oxygen barrier labels on your packaging can significantly reduce oxygen permeability on your PP injection moulded packaging. By adding an IML oxygen barrier label, you can reduce oxygen permeability to the container's interior while extending your product's shelf life and removing the need for chilled storage. Oxygen barrier labels can help reduce food waste while saving the energy required by refrigeration equipment.

    How do our IML oxygen barrier solutions work?

    Injection moulded oxygen barrier packaging is produced by applying an IML oxygen barrier label to the packaging. However, please note that the label must cover the entire container surface, including its base. During the injection moulding process, label and container are merged, thereby transferring its oxygen barrier's features to the whole ensemble.

    • IML: the best oxygen barrier

      1. IML oxygen barrier label, container base.
      2. Wrap around IML oxygen barrier label.
      3. Overlap area in order to cover the entire surface.

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