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Our Flexipack 700 and Flexipack 460 packaging ranges have been specifically de-signed to package sliced pineapples in order to preserve all their features while en-hancing its attractiveness on the supermarket shelf.

An ideal option for a healthier lifestyle

Our current lifestyle is increasingly driving us towards new consumption habits characterised by speed and our quest for healthier choices.

In this new context, IV range fruits such as peeled, sliced pineapple is becoming the ideal option for those who are looking for a practical, healthy product to consume on the go.

    A healthy, nutritious solution

    Thanks to our whole and half sliced pineapple containers, all the fruit's organoleptic features and nutritional values are perfectly preserved. 

    The perfect portion size

    Our Flexipack 460 container is the best solution to package half sliced pineapples, a natural snack that can perfectly adapt to the current lifestyle.

    A portion size that becomes the ideal choice for singles, it can be easily transported to provide a healthy snack for any meal on the go, while preserving all the sliced pineapple's nutritional values.

      Why create a half sliced pineapple container?

      Our half sliced pineapple container is a practical and convenient format that can adapt to the current lifestyle while offering a natural, healthy product that is ready to eat under any circumstances.

      • A practical, convenient container

        1. Optimised capacity to store half sliced pineapples
        2. Thermo sealable packaging
        3. IML decoration
        4. 100% recyclable single material
        5. May be possible to add ultra transparency features

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