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We are specialists in developing customised packaging for washing and laundry capsules. Containers with unique geometric shapes that not only simplify their use but also protect such a delicate product.

    Protect your capsules

    We have wide experience in the development of customised packaging for detergents and dishwasher capsules. Our projects improve user experience and the features provided by this kind of products in order to ensure that they remain tear free.

    Recycling, the most circular option

    We offer you the possibility of adding recycled polypropylene, an option that contributes to the implementation of a circular economy by re utilising raw materials.

      A different, safe and sustainable solution.

      Our detergent capsules packaging allows you to include a solution with different customised geometric shapes turning your packaging into the most attractive option on the supermarket shelf thanks to the possibility of adding IML 360 degree decoration.

      All our containers offer a safety closing system to prevent access to the product by developing customised, smart and child proof safety closing systems.

      • We can developed your customised detergent container

        1. Possibility of using recycled meterial (rPP).
        2. Innovative, safety (child proof) closing systems.
        3. Development of customised geometric shapes.
        4. Different capacities.
        5. High quality IML label decoration (360 degree).

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