Our over 2,000 packaging projects undertaken at ITC have enabled us to create our own working method. And for that reason, our know-how is greatly appreciated by our customers when it comes to developing customised packaging solutions.


Each MyPack product involves the development of a unique packaging for your company. This is achieved by actively listening to your own as well as your customers' needs. We specialise in developing the most convenient, useful and attractive packaging that exceed customer expectations thus becoming a decisive factor during the purchase process.

  • 1. Further information

  • 2. Inception

  • 3. Development

  • 4. Industrialisation

    Developing the packaging you need

    1. Information stage

    Every new project begins by listening to your needs and from market information.

    Our technical team are experts in the development of successful, customised solutions thanks to our experience after  developing endless packaging solutions alongside our customers.

    We make your ideas come true

    2. Inception stage

    After selecting the best solution, it's time to bring your ideas to shape. All data collected during the proposal information stages is materialised by means of a 3D rendering where we provide a visual display of your new MyPack.

    This proposal is subsequently followed by the development of 3D printing layouts, so you can touch and feel your packaging. A tangible solution.

    This phase will be led by the principle of ecodesign in order to optimise the packaging's weight, stackability and recyclability to achieve a functional, optimised container in terms of sustainability.

        Exclusive customised solutions

        3. Development stage
        Once the layout has been approved, we move forward to the next stage before industrial production. By creating a prototype mould, we can produce an initial run of packaging that will be used to carry out the required tests prior to industrial production, such as fitting, packaging, sealing, thermal and sterilisation process tests. All designs must be fault free.

        We make a difference

        4. Industrial stage
        On the last MyPack development phase we move on to manufacture the industrial mould. Your packaging will now be ready to make a difference and achieve success on the supermarket shelves!

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