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We are manufacturers of thermoformed packaging for the food industry. Thermoforming packaging for the dairy market, thermoformed trays and bowls for IV and V range products, thermoformed packaging for nuts, sweets and snacks, and thermoformed cups for RTD drinks.

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The variety of ITC packaging and technology is a result of the diversity of the challenges posed by our customers. Our objective is to be able to meet their wishes and requirements by developing new concepts. This customer-centric vision has prompted us to incorporate the thermoforming technology into our portfolio.

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    Thermoforming machine

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Thermoformed packaging for the food sector

Thermoforming is known for its capacity to adapt to different shapes and sizes, which makes it a popular option to package products from the food industry and mass consumption, thanks to the highly productive low cost manufacturing cycles and the amount of cavities. The thermoforming method is an efficient way to produce a wide variety of products, such as tubs, trays and different size cups.

    What is thermoforming?

    Thermoforming technology has been distinguished for being an innovative technique that helps preserve and present products effectively, which makes it a competitive option compared to other alternative materials.

    The thermoforming process is easy; it starts off with a sheet of raw material, which in the initial stage is heated so that it is malleable. In the second stage the sheet is either vacuum or pressure moulded or by both and lastly once the packaging has been moulded it is die-cut. This is how separate packaging is obtained.

    • How is packaging thermoformed?

      1. Raw Material
      2. Heating
      3. Moulding
      4. Die-cutting
      5. End-of-line
    • Efficient and versatile technology

      1. Versatility. Wide variety of shapes and sizes.
      2. Preservation. Barrier available (moisture, oxygen…)
      3. Transparency. Optimum visibility of the product.
      4. Sustainability. Wide range of sustainable materials
      • Dairy & RTD Drinks

      • IV & V Range

      • Sweets & Snacks

      • Meat & Fish

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