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At ITC Packaging we design and manufacture point-of-purchase (stands, displays, dispensers...) and promotional packaging (toys, accessories, ice cream container figures...). We come up with ideas that help improve sales in the store thanks to their efficiency and appeal.

    Point-of-sale advertising and customised displays.

    We develop all types of promotional point-of-sale advertising solutions for stores. We manufacture displays, counter displays, dispensers and other customised marketing solutions for the impulsive shopping channel.

    Promotional packaging and merchandising

    We manufacture customised promotional packaging, new concepts designed according to the needs of our customers. Packaging for sales promotions, merchandising (mugs, cups, ice buckets...) and toys that help promote the sales.

        Ice cream container toys

        The origin of what ITC Packaging is today. The union of two traditional industries of our region: toys and ice cream. 

        Over the years we have designed countless exclusive toy and ice cream container figure concepts for our customers. 

        An original and different way to promote impulsive shopping sales in the hospitality and catering channel.  

        They rely on us

        At ITC Packaging we have an internal technical office that is in charge of developing new exclusive customised promotional packaging and point of sales solutions to meet the needs of our customers.  

        Some of our promotional work:

        Donald Duck ice cream mug for Nestlé
        Promotional mug with IML for ice cream
        Promotional mixer-cup for Cola Cao
        Vacky figure ice cream container
        Kinderino impulsive shopping channel display stand for Ferrero
        Schoko-Bons impulsive shopping channel display stand for Ferrero

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